Daily Giveaway – Fun Prizes from Red Hat!

Red Hat is giving away prizes to Linux Journal readers through the end of October. Enter to win! Each day we'll be giving away some pretty cool Red Hat tumblers or scarves, with the grand finale prize of a Red Hat Video Classroom Course of your … [Read More...]

Installing and Running a Headless Virtualization Server

In recent years, hardware virtualization has become commonplace in the computing industry and more available to end users. The idea behind it is a noble one. Why invest in allocating more server hardware and not utilize it to its full potential, when … [Read More...]

Ubuntu MATE, Not Just a Whim

I've stated for years how much I dislike Ubuntu's Unity interface. Yes, it's become more polished through the years, but it's just not an interface that thinks the same way I do. That's likely because I'm old and inflexible, but nevertheless, I've … [Read More...]

How to


There's just something about the fresh start you get with a new job. Both my previous job and my new one began with the opportunity to build a new infrastructure from scratch. In both cases, as is common with startup infrastructure in its early … [Read More...]

Words from Letter Cubes

I got a great letter from a reader with a puzzle to solve, so let's dig in, shall we? Here's what he wrote: Love your column in Linux Journal. I've read it for years and learned a lot about shell scripting, but not quite enough to solve a puzzle … [Read More...]

Secure File Transfer

File transfer between Linux systems (and perhaps all POSIX systems in general) is in some ways a neglected subject. The arcane protocols in common use are far from secure, and the SSH replacements offer too much power and complexity. more>> … [Read More...]

Latest News

Antique Kernel Flaw Opens Door to New Dirty Cow Exploit

A Linux security vulnerability first discovered more than a decade ago once again poses a threat, Red Hat warned last week, as an exploit that could allow attackers to gain enhanced privileges on affected computers has turned up in the wild. Users … [Read More...]

Distribution Release: Black Lab Enterprise Linux 8.0 SP1

The Black Lab Linux team has announced the launch of a service pack update to the project's enterprise product line. The updated release, Black Lab Enterprise Linux 8 Service Pack 1, is a commercial release and uses software available in the Ubuntu … [Read More...]

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 684

This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Reviews: Ubuntu 16.10 reviewNews: Ubuntu offers live kernel updates, Fedora runs on Raspberry Pi, Debian working on Secure Boot, KDE 1 on Fedora 25 Questions and answers: Differences in popularity Torrent corner: … [Read More...]


Canonical and BQ’s Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition Tablet

Canonical's broad vision for Ubuntu Linux is to offer a single, converged personal computing experience across devices. more>> … [Read More...]

What’s in the Box? Interrogate Your Linux Machine’s Hardware

I recently had a problem trying to install the NVIDIA driver for my machine. It seemed the latest driver had stopped supporting my graphics card, and after updating my kernel, I was out of a driver. The question, obviously, was "which card did I … [Read More...]

Purism Librem 13 Review

Will the keyboard click enough? Is it small enough? Is it free enough? Find out below. more>> … [Read More...]

Canonical and ARM collaborate on OpenStack

Canonical and ARM collaborate to offer commercial availability of Ubuntu OpenStack and Ceph for 64-bit ARM-based servers Availability of Ubuntu OpenStack and Ceph support included with Canonical’s Ubuntu Advantage enterprise-grade offering Partnership extends Canonical’s support for ARM server … [Read More...]

Unity 8 preview session in Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety Yak

Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety Yak has landed and brings with it the Unity 8 technical preview desktop session. Unity 8 has been the face of the Ubuntu phone and tablet for a few years and has quickly evolved its convergence feature set to allow it to work seamlessly between form factors such as phones, … [Read More...]

Canonical releases Ubuntu 16.10

Ubuntu 16.10 released with Hybrid Cloud Operations and Unity 8 developer preview, from Canonical MAAS 2.0 delivers robust, highly-available IPAM and bare-metal provisioning Hybrid cloud operations with Juju 2.0 Developer preview of Unity 8 includes desktop, tablet and phone UX convergence OpenStack … [Read More...]

Ubuntu Latest News

KDE Plasma 5.8 LTS Released, This Is What’s New

KDE has announced the release of the first Plasma desktop LTS (long-term support). This post, KDE Plasma 5.8 LTS Released, This Is What’s New, was written by Joey-Elijah Sneddon and first appeared on OMG! Ubuntu!. … [Read More...]

Don’t Spit Feathers: Corebird 1.3.3 Released With Bug Fixes

A bug fix release of Corebird Twitter client is now available to download, and features improved support for Twitter's new longer tweets. This post, Don’t Spit Feathers: Corebird 1.3.3 Released With Bug Fixes, was written by Joey-Elijah Sneddon and first appeared on OMG! Ubuntu!. … [Read More...]

How to (Easily) Make a Bootable Ubuntu 16.10 USB

If you want to do a clean install of Ubuntu 16.10 when it lands next week, or install it on a different computer, then a bootable flash drive is the way to go. That’s in my opinion of course, but computers are increasingly being sold without an optical disc drive, and besides: USB drives are … [Read More...]

Linux For The Home PC - 4682


Several donations boost reliability of Debian’s core infrastructure

Over the last several months, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), one of Debian's primary hardware partners, has made several large in-kind donations in support of Debian core services. The donated equipment will be deployed in the data centers of multiple hosting partners in Canada, … [Read More...]

Debian Project mourns the loss of Kristoffer H. Rose

The Debian Project recently learned that it has lost a member of its community. Kristoffer H. Rose died on September 17th after an intense but short battle with myelo fibrosis. … [Read More...]

Updated Debian 8: 8.6 released

The Debian project is pleased to announce the sixth update of its stable distribution Debian 8 (codename jessie). This update mainly adds corrections for security problems to the stable release, along with a few adjustments for serious problems. Security advisories were already published separately … [Read More...]



EXCLUSIVE – Creating an open source driven culture of innovation in the Malaysian government – OpenGov Asia

OpenGov AsiaEXCLUSIVE - Creating an open source driven culture of innovation in the Malaysian governmentOpenGov AsiaFor instance, Fedora Linux has over 12000 packages. But an enterprise Linux could have only 2000 packages. But those would be certified with vendors for applications, system … [Read More...]

Fedora 26 Linux to Retire the Synaptics Driver for a Better Touchpad Experience – Softpedia News

Softpedia NewsFedora 26 Linux to Retire the Synaptics Driver for a Better Touchpad ExperienceSoftpedia NewsToday, October 20, 2016, Red Hat's Fedora Program Manager Jan Kurik informed the Fedora Linux community about an upcoming system-wide change proposal for the Fedora 26 release. The new … [Read More...]

Fedora Arrives On The Raspberry Pi – Lifehacker Australia

Lifehacker AustraliaFedora Arrives On The Raspberry PiLifehacker AustraliaFedora might not be one of the most popular Linux distros, but it's certainly one of the most beloved. We've seen a remix of it on the Raspberry Pi before, but now it's available in an official form. While still in … [Read More...]


Shell Shock vulnerability, please update your Mandriva’s products

  At the end of september, the Shell Shock vulnerability was discovered and has raised a strong concern from all IT security services. Indeed, the flaw in the Unix bash shell exposes the majority of computers running Linux. To protect your assets from this threat, Mandriva’s technical … [Read More...]

Boost your IT assets with ITMS and Pulse on UCS

  Autumn has come and the wind is blowing on Mandriva’s prices. It’s time to take advantage of that! Incredible discounts on subscriptions for ITMS, the IT Management Station of QNAP NAS and for Pulse for Univention Corporate Server. Discover also the new version of ITMS and pulse … [Read More...]

Save the date: 24th of October, joint webcast with our partner Univention

Following the strategic partnership with Univention , in order to mark the release of Univention Corporate Server powered by Pulse, Mandriva and Univention decided to organize a series of informative webcasts with a Q&A session. Following the success of previous webcasts, Mandriva invites you … [Read More...]